Meet the online code editor «Practice»!

An online code editor called «Practice» offers a convenient platform for writing and testing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code directly in the browser. This kind of tool is incredibly useful for web developers, both beginners and experienced, because it allows them to quickly prototype, experiment, and learn. Key features of such an online code editor may include:


  1. Real-time code execution: The ability to view the results of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code as you type.
  2. Syntax Highlighting: Makes code easier to read by highlighting different syntax elements with color.
  3. Handles large amounts of code, even thousands of lines, without problems.
  4. Automatic line numbering.
  5. Changing design themes.

The relevance of the development

The digital information environment is developing at a frantic pace. Online code editors are becoming the most important components that allow you to work and learn from anywhere on the planet. The means of communication of the future digital world will be based on web interfaces. Studying web technologies is no longer a matter of some difficult specific choice, but a relevant and important issue for everyone who wants to have a decent job in the future digital world!

Therefore, the question of availability of an affordable, high-quality tool, which will be useful when studying the basics of site building, has become very relevant.

Over the past few years, software code editing systems have become increasingly popular among software developers. Online code editors are especially convenient to use because the user does not bound to a specific device or local machine.

The idea arose to create an online code editor with a Ukrainian interface, which would be interesting, simple, comfortable and quick to help learn the basics of coding html, css, JavaScripts, learn to write websites, would be easy to use and master, provide the ability to edit HTML, CSS and JavaScript code and immediately view the result in your browser in real time.

This tool can be a great asset for educational purposes, rapid prototyping, or even for coding interviews and collaborative projects.

Purpose and tasks

Of course, it is good when children learn and know how to write the site code in a notebook, save it, and then view it in a browser. But it is much more productive and interesting to immediately see the result of your work on the computer screen.

The «Practice» editor was developed for educational purposes for studying the course of WEB technologies in general education, vocational and technical, higher educational institutions, scientific and technical circles of extracurricular educational institutions.

During development, certain requirements were put forward to the «Practice» web editor.
It should be:
  • Fast, do not create a load on hosting.
  • Easy to learn and use.
  • They have an intuitive interface.
  • Provide an opportunity to learn DHTML.
  • So that even small children can understand it well.
  • Free